THE AUSTRALIAN GRAPEVINE STANDARD refers to several VINA recommendations and protocols....


 5.6 of the Standard refers to sections of the following from    the VINA Accreditation Manual:            



 CERTIFIED - (Blue Labels)


·         Since 2002 a Certified Source Block’s clonal identity can be established with an audit trail to germplasm and/or the Originating Nursery (in SA this would be the SAVII Nursery). Prior to 2002 the existing “A” Class system is recognised as “certified” assuming that the source block meets all the other criteria.

·         A Certified Source Block is established with generation 1 or 2 vine material, to maintain genetic stability.

·         Certified cutting material is harvested from a generation 1 or 2 Certified Source Block and complies with * VINA Accreditation Scheme procedures.

·         Certified Source Block procedure is audited annually by a VINA appointed independent auditor to maintain integrity and compliance with VINA procedures.

·         Vinifera:  Starting in 2004, annually random vines from Certified Source Blocks have been sampled and ELISA tested. The ELISA results must be negative for Leafroll Type 1 and 3 for the Source Block to maintain Certification status.

·         Rootstocks:  Starting in 2004, annually random vines from Certified Source Blocks have been sampled and PCR tested prior to intended distribution. The PCR results must be negative for Leafroll type1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, GVA.GVB.GVD. for the Source Block to maintain Certification status. In the future, technology should make it possible to exclude additional disease causing viruses from the certified stock including the casual agents of fleck and rupestris stem pitting. Until that time, a moratorium will be established for these two viruses. (Vine Improvement and Private Rootstock suppliers have undertaken a 5 year replanting programme to eliminate fleck from current plantings)


UNCERTIFIED - (Yellow Labels)

An Uncertified Source Block may have been established with vine material 3 or more  generations removed from germplasm and therefore does not qualify for certification.

Source Block cutting distributors must notify the purchaser that Uncertified Source Blocks have not been virus tested  and are therefore not certified.

There is a real risk the cuttings from Uncertified Source Blocks have disease, virus or defect.


DISEASED - (Red Labels)

-     Source Block cutting distributors must WARN the purchaser that a Diseased Source Block did NOT meet virus certification standards. This includes having  more than one vine sampled in this Source Block testing positive for one or more economical or viticultural significant viruses.

-       A Diseased Source Block is only maintained because the variety or clonal selection is relevant to industry and there is not a higher health status alternative available.

-       Cutting material from a Diseased Source Block is only sold by a signed agreed consent.


A graft of certified and uncertified material of any grade cannot be labelled as “Certified” material.




 6.3 of the Standard can be referred to a section of the following Vine Improvement activity:




Annual Source Area Block/Health Inspection Sheet


Vineyard Owner: __________________________________________________________


Contact Person: ______________________   Phone Number: _______________________


Vineyard Location: ________________________________________________________


Vine Variety: _______________________________ Clone: _______________________


Year Planted: _____________________________Number Of Vines: ________________



Map Accuracy Checked?           Row ID Correct?          Map Revision Date Current?


Replants required____________________Date Planted_________ Inv #________


Replants required____________________Date Planted_________ Inv #________


SOURCE AREA REGISTRATION NUMBER__________________________________

Inspectors Report

INSPECTOR______________________________ Date Of Inspection___________________


Number Of Vines Tagged ( include for suspected off type)____________

Row #________Vine #____________Panel #____________

Row #________Vine #____________Panel #____________

Row #________Vine #____________Panel #____________


ACTION TAKEN_________________________________________________________ 



General Condition Of The Vineyard: Acceptable / Not Acceptable *Delete As Appropriate


Symptoms Observed                        Suspected Cause                  Tag Number











OFF TYPE CHECK               OFF TYPE DATE___________________


Cutting  Estimate  Per Vine_______________________________


Comments / Suggested Follow Up Required__________________________________



Signed  (Inspector 1)………………………. Signed  (Inspector 2)……………………….




 Para 9 of the Standard refers to the Product Specification and Labelling found in the VINA Accreditation manual:



Plants supplied to customers should conform to the following minimum standards:

·      Dormant rootling. Have at least one fully matured shoot with a minimum of three prominent buds and at least three sound roots evenly distributed at the basal node.

·      Dormant grafted vine. Have at least one fully matured shoot with a minimum of three prominent buds and at least three sound roots evenly distributed at the basal node. Have a visually completed union, strong enough to withstand flexing at the union.

·      Green container grown vine.  Must show active healthy growth, and be fully sun hardened.



All vine planting material must be labeled clearly and accurately. Labels should to be coloured as below with the following information:

Front of Label

·      Scion: - Variety, Clone

·      Rootstock: - (if applicable) Variety, Clone

·      Vine batch number that relates back to the Source Block I.D. of both the rootstock and scion 

·      CERTIFIED VINE  (blue label)

·      UNCERTIFIED VINE ( yellow label)

·      DISEASED VINE (red label)


Reverse of Label (optional)

·      Nursery name

·      Nursery address

·      Nursery phone/fax number

·      VINA Accredited Nursery Logo